Recommendations for India

STATEMENT, 4 May 2017

Mr. President,

Norway thanks India for its national report,

We commend India for fulfilling recommendations from UPR 2012 in amending the child labour act and ratifying ILO conventions 138 and 182.                                                                                                                                       Integrating gender equality and women’s empowerment is key in the follow up of the UPR. We recommend India to allocate adequate resources to realise the SDG targets to reduce maternal mortality and end preventable deaths of newborns and children under five.

Norway also recommends that India amend or revoke section 377 to de-criminalise same-sex relations.

UN Special Rapporteurs have stated the importance of allowing human rights defenders to work without undue limitations. Norway recommends a revision of the FCRA to ensure benign working conditions for civil society in India.

Finally, we recommend that India ratify the UN convention against torture urgently and in accordance with its commitments from UPR 2012

Thank you

Advance questions

 1. Concern is regularly voiced on human rights violations committed in areas under martial law. Will India consider repealing the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Acts?

2. The UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights defenders has highlighted the need for specific attention to defenders working on minority rights in India, including Dalits and Adivasis, Right to Information-activists and journalists, women defenders and defenders working on rights of women and children. She recommended the establishment of a comprehensive protection programme for human rights defenders and witnesses at central and state level. What steps have the Government of India taken to follow up on the report of the Special Rapporteur?

3. We note that India is carrying a substantial backlog on mandatory reporting to the human rights Treaty Bodies. How will India bring its obligations to the UN Treaty Bodies up to date?

4. Concern has been raised about the status of religious minorities and prevalence of communal violence incidents in India. What can the Government do to safeguard religious freedom and to protect against discrimination and violence against religious minorities