Recommendations for Ecuador

STATEMENT, 1 May 2017

Mr President

Norway warmly welcomes the delegation of Ecuador and commends the country on measures taken based on suggestions given during the last UPR.

In line with what we have stated previously, we recommend that Ecuador institutionalize the right to consultation of indigenous peoples and involve civil society and indigenous groups in the elaboration of a functioning consultation mechanism according to the country´s commitments under ILO-Convention 169.

Norway also recommends that Ecuador take adequate measures to guarantee the protection of isolated indigenous peoples, including the respect for intangible zones. 

We applaud progress made concerning women’s rights.  To further promote this important agenda, we recommend Ecuador to advance in reforming the Criminal Code to decriminalize abortion. 

Thank you

Advance questions

1.What measures have been taken to increase the space for national and international human rights organizations to undertake their non-violent advocacy, campaigning, reporting and investigative work?  How has the Government engaged with human rights defenders operating in the country?

2. We encourage Ecuador to comment on its position regarding the judgment of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights in the Sarayaku v. Ecuador case, which requires the State to ensure indigenous peoples’ right to prior, free and informed consultation.