Recommendations for Algeria

STATEMENT, 8 May 2017

Mr President

Norway commends the efforts by Algeria to establish legislation against domestic violence and its progress to ensure women’s rights. Norway also welcomes the recent constitutional revisions that establish the principles of human rights for its citizens. 

We recommend that Algeria take steps to ensure its obligations of the ICCPR are upheld when it comes to article 21 and 22 regarding the right of peaceful assembly and the right to freedom of association.

Finally, Norway recommends Algeria to reply favourably and without delay to the requests of United Nations human rights experts and mechanisms to visit Algeria. 

Thank you

Advance questions

1. Algeria accepted the recommendation during the last round of UPR- hearings “to implement legal measures to limit the government’s ability to deny an organization’s license for political, religious, or arbitrary reasons and to not unnecessarily restrict the ability of Algerian NGOs to receive funding from foreign partners.” Which steps have been taken to realize this recommendation?

 2. There are reports that members of non-governmental human rights organizations and journalists are often subjected to intimidation, harassment and arrest. This includes freelance journalists and bloggers. What steps are taken by the government of Algeria to uphold the freedom of expression and the right of association, including on the internet?

3. We understand that Algeria is currently consulting with the UN Human Rights Council Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances regarding a visit by the group to Algeria. What is the status of these plans and what is the timeline for facilitating the visit?

4. How, and to what extent, has the civil society contributed to the production of Algeria’s national report for this round of the UPR?