Advance questions and statement to Thailand

Advance questions:

  1. We note that Thailand has issued a standing invitation to special procedures, and that there is a pending request for a visit by the special rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression. Is the government planning to propose concrete dates on which the Special Rapporteur can conduct a country visit to Thailand?
  2. In cases involving lèse-majesté; will Thailand consider abolishing the lèse-majesté law, and if not, will the government guarantee the principle of equality of all persons before the courts, the right to a fair and public hearing, and the right to bail, as is required by the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and will Thailand hence not prosecute such cases before military courts?
  3. Which measures will the government take to end the reported violations of human rights in the still ongoing conflict in the Deep South of Thailand, specifically regarding the reported use of torture, the imposed limitations on free speech and lack of investigation on enforced disappearances?
  4. Which concrete measures will the government take to efficiently implement the Palermo Protocol, thereby making it a priority to pursue and prosecute persons benefiting from Human Trafficking?


Norway welcomes the delegation from Thailand.

We would like to acknowledge the priority Thailand has given to the improvement of the economic and social rights of its citizens.

Norway takes note of the ongoing efforts to counter human trafficking and welcomes Thailand’s ratification of the Palermo Protocol. We recommend that Thailand now give priority to the implementation of the Palermo Protocol and the prosecution of persons benefiting from human trafficking. . 

Norway is concerned about the restrictions on freedom of opinion and expression, peaceful assembly and of association in Thailand. These freedoms are particularly important to guard at times of reconciliation and reform and when developing sound policies for the future. Norway recommends that Thailand propose concrete dates for visits by the Special Rapporteurs on freedom of opinion and expression, and freedom of association and assembly respectively. We further recommend that all alleged attacks on human rights defenders are promptly and thoroughly investigated, and that perpetrators are held accountable. 

Further, Norway recommends the early ratification of the OPCAT. 

We also recommend steps be taken to abolish the lèse-majesté legislation and the 2007 Computer Crimes Act and the immediate implementation of public and transparent proceedings in cases concerning these laws. Finally, Norway recommends Thailand to cease trials of civilians in military courts.