Advance questions and statement to Ireland

Advance questions:

  1. Various UN treaty bodies have expressed concern regarding the highly restrictive circumstances under which women can lawfully have an abortion in Ireland. Does Ireland have any plans to address these concerns?
  2. Does Ireland plan to ratify OP-CAT and to establish an independent an effective complaints and investigation mechanism for prisoners?
  3. What measures is Ireland prepared to take to fully eliminate the practice of “slopping out”?
  4. How can Ireland reduce the gender pay gap? 


I would like to join previous speakers in welcoming Ireland. We are pleased to note the evident effort reflected in the national report, and we are happy to see the continued involvement of Irish civil society and NGOs in the UPR-process. Ireland should also be commended for its constructive and active role in the Human Rights Council.

Despite the progress achieved since the last UPR in 2011, we would like to raise the following:

Firstly, Norway remains concerned about the restrictive circumstances under which an abortion can be carried out in Ireland. Building on the recommendation from the UN Human Rights Committee Norway recommends that Ireland revise its legislation on abortion, including its Constitution, to provide for additional exceptions in cases of rape, incest or serious risks to the health of the mother.

Our second concern applies to the conditions in prisons. Irish civic society, as well as NGOs, has again brought our attention to the current situation with regard to sanitary conditions and the lack of ratification of the OP-CAT.  Norway recommends that Ireland ratify the OP-CAT.