Norway's Statement on Preventing Violent Extremism

Norway's Statements during the High-Level Segment of the Geneva Conference on Preventing Violent Extremism

Mr. Chair,

Norway welcomes and strongly supports the Secretary General’s Plan of Action for Preventing Violent Extremism.

Violent extremism is unacceptable, regardless of political, ideological or religious motivations.

Violent extremist groups are finding new ways to carry out their attacks, spread their propaganda, finance their activities, and recruit people to their ranks.

No country is immune to violent extremism – as Norway bitterly experienced in 2011, when struck by right wing terrorism. 

The international community must adopt to a changing landscape. This is why the UN Plan of Action for Preventing Violent Extremism is timely and much needed.

The Member States have the primary responsibility for implementing measures to prevent and counter violent extremism.

National action plans will be a valuable tool. Norway’s national efforts are guided by a broad and and dynamic plan of action.  

We need to address the underlying causes to violent extremism. We must tackle both push and pull factors.

As we take a broad approach to preventing violent extremism, we must at the same time stay focused, by ensuring that our interventions are “specific” and not only “relevant”.

Mr. Chair,
The Secretary General’s plan is a call to action. Time is running. The latest terrorist attacks are tragic reminders of an increasing threat.

We must step up our efforts and urgently implement concrete measures. The measures we take must be supported by a strong narrative of inclusiveness and the values we believe in.

We must also form new partnerships. Youth, women and local governments have important roles to play by giving important inputs to the formulation of national policies.

Violent extremism is both an international security concern and a development issue.

In March, UNDP organized a global conference in Oslo on preventing violent extremism and promoting inclusive development. The conference showed how development actors can play a significant role.

In conclusion, Mr. Chair,
We need a strong UN to show global leadership. The Plan of Action, if properly implemented, is an important step in the right direction.

It is our job to ensure that the UN has a solid mandate and the necessary resources to rise to this occasion