Item 10 – Interactive dialogue with HC on interim report on Haiti. NB8 Norway. (10.10.2023)


Human Rights Council 54th Session.
Item 10 – Interactive dialogue with HC on interim report on Haiti.

Statement delivered by Ambassador Mr. Tormod C. ENDRESEN Permanent Representative of Norway on behalf of the Nordic Baltic countries: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden


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10 October 2023

Mr. President,

The Nordic-Baltic States are deeply troubled by the deteriorating humanitarian and security situation in Haiti. Due to organized crime and gang violence, close to 200.000 people are currently displaced. 

Support to help Haiti restore security and the rule of law is much needed and we back efforts to ensure a multinational security support mission is urgently deployed. The increasing violence, illicit arms flows, and human rights abuses undermine the stability and security of Haiti and the region. The widespread use of sexual and gender-based violence is of particular concern.

Weak accountability combined with large-scale corruption has resulted in state institutions that are not able to protect human rights. Efficient judicial institutions are needed to strengthen the fight against impunity. We urge the Government to continue to address these aspects of governance.

Any comprehensive resolution requires a Haitian led political solution. We call on all political actors to continue to meaningfully engage in restoring Haiti’s democratic institutions and create a safe and secure environment.

Mr. President, the High Commissioner has stated that measures to re-establish security will need to focus on accountability, prevention, and protection. What progress has been made in this regard?

Thank you.