​Item 3 - Interactive dialogue with the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for children and armed conflict JST EU (15.03.22)

UN Human Rights Council
49th session

Interactive Dialogue with the UN Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict
15 March 2022

Joint Statement

Madam Special Representative,

I am delivering this statement on behalf of a group of … countries.

We welcome the joint statement on the situation in Ukraine delivered by your mandate in cooperation with the Special Representative on Violence against Children, reminding all parties that the protection of civilians must be the first priority.

Over [2.5 million] people have now fled Ukraine as war continues to ravage the country. The UN estimates that [30%] of the country’s population - is in dire need of life-saving humanitarian assistance.

Many of them are children. UNICEF has renewed its call for safe, rapid and unimpeded humanitarian access to reach populations in need and for the safe passage of civilians.

We strongly condemn the heinous attack by the Russian Federation against a children’s hospital and maternity ward in Mariupol, while a ceasefire was supposed to be in place to allow civilians to evacuate. The indiscriminate attacks against civilians and civilian infrastructure must stop immediately. Attacks on homes, schools, orphanages and medical facilities are unacceptable. None of these should ever be a target.

Madam Special Representative,

It is currently snowing in Ukraine with temperatures frequently going below 0°C. Children in Ukraine need help and protection. They need supplies and other critical support, and access to basic social services like health and education.

In your view, what are the main risks and needs for children affected by the conflict in Ukraine?

List of signatories

1.       Albania

2.       Andorra

3.       Australia

4.       Austria

5.       Bahamas

6.       Belgium

7.       Bosnia and Hercegovina

8.       Bulgaria

9.       Canada

10.   Chile

11.   Colombia

12.   Costa Rica

13.   Croatia

14.   Cyprus

15.   Czech Republic

16.   Denmark

17.   Ecuador

18.   Estonia

19.   Eswatini

20.   Finland

21.   France

22.   Georgia

23.   Germany

24.   Greece

25.   Guatemala

26.   Honduras

27.   Hungary

28.   Iceland

29.   Ireland

30.   Israel

31.   Italy

32.   Japan

33.   Latvia

34.   Liechtenstein


35.   Lithuania

36.   Luxembourg

37.   Malawi

38.   Malta

39.   Marshall Islands

40.   Mexico

41.   Moldova

42.   Monaco

43.   Montenegro

44.   Netherlands

45.   New Zealand

46.   North Macedonia

47.   Norway

48.   Panama

49.   Paraguay

50.   Peru

51.   Poland

52.   Portugal

53.   Republic of Korea

54.   Romania

55.   Sierra Leone

56.   Slovakia

57.   Slovenia

58.   Spain

59.   Sweden

60.   Switzerland

61.   Timor Leste

62.   Turkey

63.   Ukraine

64.   United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

65.   United States of America

66.   Uruguay