Item 2 - General Debate - Nicaragua and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

| 14 September 2020


45th session of the Human Rights Council - Item 2 -  General Debate,
oral updates on Nicaragua and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Norway’s statement delivered by Ambassador Tine Mørch Smith, Permanent Representative of Norway


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Thank you Ms. President,

Madame High Commissioner,

Thank you for the updates, including on the situation in Nicaragua, Venezuela and Myanmar. We appreciate your constructive involvement and encourage these, and
all other countries to fully cooperate with your office.

Human rights implications of the pandemic are immense. Several countries have used the crisis to clamp down on human rights, civic space and democratic control. Lockdowns and school closures have led to millions of children losing out, on education and opportunities for the future. Domestic violence is increasing. The situation for minorities and vulnerable groups have worsened considerably.
Existing inequalities are exacerbated. Human rights defenders, particularly women, are under threat.

At the Human Rights Council we have an obligation to fulfil the rights of each and every individual, in all countries. To prevent violations and abuses. To leave no one behind.

Together with Sierra Leone, Switzerland and Uruguay, Norway will put forward a resolution that aims to strengthen the Human Rights Council’s mandate to prevent human rights violations.

Madame President,
The current budgetary and liquidity situation causes great concern. Norway encourages all states to step up their funding and to pay their UN membership dues.

The special procedures are vital parts of the international human rights mechanisms. Their independence and integrity must be protected. We encourage all countries to give unfettered access to, and cooperate with, the High Commissioner, and to refrain from any form of intimidation or reprisals against those who cooperate with its mechanisms.

Thank you.