Item 3 – Interactive Dialogue on OHCHR report on new and emerging technologies. NB8 Norway. (01.07.2024)


Human Rights Council 56th Session.
Item 3 – Interactive Dialogue on OHCHR report on new and emerging technologies.  

Statement delivered by Ambassador Mr. Tormod C. ENDRESEN,

Permanent Representative of Norway on behalf of the

Nordic Baltic countries:  Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden.   


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I am honored to speak on behalf of the Nordic Baltic states.

We thank the OHCHR for the report, outlining existing work and providing recommendation on human rights and new and emerging digital technologies. We see it as an important step towards a more coordinated and effective approach to the Council’s work in ensuring technology as a human rights enabler.

The report states that the UN-human rights system has already reached an “astounding level of technology-related outputs”, including 135 reports of special procedures. We are encouraged that the system is so active in its response to the new challenges. This is especially important as the work relates to crucial emerging human rights issues, including inter alia:

  • Internet access, content moderation and shut downs,
  • Surveillance and AI,
  • Discrimination and biases,
  • The role of the private sector

However, the report also states that “the intersectionality of topics inevitably leads to some overlap”, which risks compromising the efficiency of a system that is already over-burdened.

Going forward, how do you recommend the Council to deal with these matters in an efficient way, minimizing overlaps while respecting the importance and intersectionality of the topics?

Thank you.