Item 3 - Interactive dialogue with the Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression. JST USA. (26.06.2024)

Joint Statement on Transnational Repression


Thank you, Mr. President. I make this statement on behalf of a cross-regional
group of countries.

We stand together today to address the urgent and growing threat of
transnational repression. When states reach beyond their borders to silence or
coerce dissidents, journalists, human rights defenders, and others, national
sovereignty, democracy, human rights and fundamental freedoms are

Transnational repression takes many forms: physical acts of aggression and
harassment, forced return of individuals, pressure on relatives in-country, misuse
of international law enforcement systems or institutions to facilitate repression,
and digital threats such as the misuse of intrusive surveillance software, including
commercial spyware.

Transnational repression creates an atmosphere of fear and imperils civil and
political liberties, the global rules-based order, and mutual respect among states.
We reaffirm our condemnation of transnational repression and resolve to:

• Support human rights defenders, journalists, diaspora communities, and
others who may be targets;
• Strengthen information sharing and coordinating action against acts of
transnational repression; and
• Increase the cost to and holding accountable those who engage in these

We call upon all member states to join us in standing against transnational
repression in all its forms. Let us enhance our collective vigilance, strengthen
protections for those at risk, and hold accountable the perpetrators.
United in this cause, we will advance the promotion and protection of human
rights for all and uphold the sovereignty of every nation.

Thank you.