Item 3 - Interactive dialogue on the report of the Special Advisor on the impact of technological advances on prevention of genocide efforts and on the risks of the perpetration of genocide. JST UK. (4.07.2023)

United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland

Human Rights Council - 53rd session

Interactive Dialogue with the Special Advsier to the Secretary General on the Prevention of Genocide - Joint Statement by Sudan Core Group


Tuesday 4th July

Thank you, Mr President.

This statement is made on behalf of the Core Group on Sudan, comprising Germany, Norway, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

We welcome the recent statements by both the Special Adviser and the UN Secretary General on the deeply concerning developments across Sudan, and particularly in Darfur.

Extensive and credible reporting from both Sudanese and international sources, including the Sudan Conflict Observatory and the Global Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect suggest ongoing and appalling atrocities being committed against civilians, including children,with thousands already reported to have been killed – and a clear risk of further escalation and atrocities, including on the basis of ethnicity.  We share and echo these grave concerns. 

Mr President,

The Sudanese Armed Forces and the Rapid Support Forces must comply with their obligations under international law and fulfil their commitment to protect civilians – which they affirmed in the Jeddah Declaration of Commitment to Protect the Civilians of Sudan. 

We call on the Special Adviser to coordinate and share information with the High Commissioner and his Office as the situation unfolds, and on the High Commissioner to keep this Council updated on developments and risks in Darfur, in line with the prevention mandate given both to him and to this Council. 

Thank you.