Item 2 - Interactive dialogue on the annual report of the High Commissioner. Norway (20.06.2023)


Human Rights Council 53rd Session.

Item 2 - Interactive dialogue on the annual report of the High Commissioner
Statement delivered by Ambassador Tine Mørch Smith, Permanent Representative of Norway

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20 June 2023

Thank you Mr. President,

High Commissioner, Thank you for presenting your annual report and for all the valuable work done to promote and protect human rights. The independence and integrity of your office is vital.

The report shows the need for advancing the implementation of human rights and ensuring compliance with states’ binding international human rights obligations.

We call on all states to cooperate with the OHCHR, to grant access for special procedures and to follow up on the High Commissioner’s recommendations. This includes China with regards to the report on Xinjiang.

Norway condemns Russia’s aggression and brutal violence in Ukraine in the strongest possible terms.

We share your concern that women’s rights and gender equality increasingly are under pressure. In Afghanistan for example, women are increasingly removed from public life.

We are deeply concerned about reports of widespread sexual and gender-based violence in Sudan.

The pushback against women’s rights and gender equality is undermining the universality, and the fundamental principles, of human rights. Let us show the importance and relevance of the Human Rights Council by bridging differences and making it clear that we all share a commitment to the equality of all individuals as rights holders.

Norway is committed to do its part.

I thank you.