Annual high-level panel discussion on human rights mainstreaming. Statement of the Nordic-Baltic countries at the NB8 Lithuania (27.02.2023)

UN Human Rights Council, 52nd session.

Annual high-level panel discussion on human rights mainstreaming: A reflection on five years of UN Youth 2030: mapping a blueprint for next steps

Statement delivered by the Permanent Representative of Lithuania Ambassador Darius Staniulis

27 February 2023

Thank you Mr. President,

I have the honour to speak on behalf of the Nordic-Baltic countries – Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Norway, Sweden, and my own country Lithuania.

Today we see active, determined and concerned young people. The international community has an obligation to provide a safe and prosperous future for the next generation. But the main global urgencies remain: including armed conflicts, climate change, disparities in education and employment both within and between countries, digital inequalities and social exclusion of vulnerable groups. In order to make progress on these issues, we fully support the UN Youth Strategy and we are determined to continue engaging and working for and with youth.

As a next step for tangible results we see the need for strengthened cooperation among the private sector, governments and civil society. Only by working together we can provide platforms for young people to express their concerns and participate in decision making processes.

Furthermore, we believe it is important to provide opportunities for active youth participation in labour market and ensure increased youth employment without any discrimination or age-related exploitation. It would allow young people to improve their skills and balance labour demand. 

Our goal is to hear, learn and work together with youth. We are looking forward to engage in further implementation of the UN Youth Strategy.

Thank you.