Item 10 - Interactive dialogue with the fact-finding mission on Libya. NB8 Finland. (03.04.2023)

Mr. President,

I speak on behalf of the Nordic-Baltic countries.

We commend the Fact Finding Mission on Libya for its important report. In light of the deteriorating human rights situation in Libya, we urge continued engagement by the HRC on Libya’s efforts to end impunity, which, we believe, will also benefit national reconciliation. We also urge Libya to implement the recommendations of the FFM.

We are seriously concerned by reports of torture, sexual and gender-based violence, enslavement including sexual slavery, enforced disappearances, arbitrary detention and other human rights violations and abuses against Libyans, migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. Some of which may amount to crimes against humanity. We call upon Libya to hold accountable all those responsible. We encourage full scrutiny of detention centres, leading to reforms, and dismantling secret prisons.

Finally, we are deeply concerned by the continued crackdown on civil society. We call on Libya to respect civil society and human rights defenders so they can participate in building the country, without fear of violence.

Thank you.