Item 4 - Discussion on SG oral update on involvement of United Nations in Myanmar, 9 March 2020

Item 4: Discussion on SG oral update on involvement of United Nations in Myanmar (HRC res. 42/3 and 40/29)

Madam President,

I have the honor of delivering this statement on behalf of the Nordic countries.

We welcome the update on the UN involvement in Myanmar and the leadership of the Secretary-General in accepting the recommendations of the Rosenthal report.

We welcome efforts by the Secretary-General to further integrate human rights and the sustaining peace agenda in the UN reform process, which have our strong support. Resident Coordinators and the UN Country Teams have to ensure concerted UN action.

The Common Country Analysis is expected to look into the root causes of poverty, inequalities, vulnerabilities and conflict and to address Human Rights in all its aspects. This is a crucial instrument to establish a common understanding within the UN on its role within a particular country setting.

We welcome the Call to Action for Human Rights. Enhancing human rights analysis and expanding the field presence of OHCHR through Country Offices and Human Rights Advisors is important, not least in Myanmar.

The Rosenthal report, as previous reports commissioned by the Secretary-General, is central to independently reviewing UN system response. The Secretary-General’s concrete actions must be taken forward by the UN system. The UN Security Council has a responsibility in this regard.

We would welcome your elaboration on how the UN will implement the recommendations of the Rosenthal report to ensure that human rights are fully integrated in UNs crisis prevention efforts.

I thank you.