Item 3: ID w/ SRSG on violence against children

STATEMENT, 7 March 2017


Mr President,

Let me begin by thanking the Special representative for Children and armed conflict for her statement and her comprehensive report, and reiterate our support for her important mandate.

In her recommendations, the special representative calls upon member states to treat children allegedly associated with non-state armed groups primarily as victims entitled to full protection.  We would like to ask the special representative how can these children be adequately protected, and how can we ensure that these children are afforded the same rights and legal protection as children involved in armed conflict.

The special representative also calls upon states to ensure appropriate services are in place to reintegrate girls associated with parties to conflict. How can states support and reintegrate those girls who have been forcibly married and/or have suffered rape and other forms of sexual violence?

We would also like to thank the Special Representative on Violence against Children for her   insightful statement and report. It underlines the importance of her mandate, which Norway fully supports.

Yesterday we discussed how we could assure protection of the rights of the child in the implementation of the sustainable development goals, (Agenda 2030).  We heard that addressing violence against children is a distinct priority concern. We believe that it would be valuable to involve children themselves in the implementation of the SDGs. We would ask the special representative how children’s voices and experiences (child participation) could be secured in this process.

Last year, the Secretary-General, submitted a report on bullying, including cyberbullying, in which he addressed the prevalence of bullying and its impact on children’s rights. Norway warmly welcomed this report as the first one on this important topic. What would ask the special representative to elaborate on the key follow-up actions to the SG report on bullying?

Thank you