Norway's statement during adoption of Mozambique's UPR report

Thank you Mr President,

Norway congratulates Mozambique on the adoption of its UPR report.

At the review in January, we were pleased that Mozambique accepted three of Norway’s recommendations regarding new Penal Procedure and Correctional Execution Codes, the National Human Rights Institution, and to use opportunities to obtain grant funding to ensure that women acquire access to rights guaranteed in law.

We have noted Mozambiques’s explanations in the addendum regarding Norway recommendations on freedom of expression, including criminal defamation laws, and on ensuring the right of association of NGOs working on issues of sexual orientation and gender identity. These recommendations were noted by Mozambique, but the explanations provided – the latter in relation to a similar recommendation by the UK – we believe give room for further cooperation and discussions also in these fields.

Finally, we took due note of the High Commissioner’s remarks expressing concern about the situation in Mozambique in his opening statement at this session. We continue to follow the situation closely. We wish Mozambique good luck with the implementation of its UPR recommendations.

Thank you