Interactive Dialouge on Libya

Norwegian statement by First Secretary Paul Ø. Bjørdal

Mr President,

The people of Libya are living through exceptional circumstances and challenges.

We support the efforts led by the UN Special Representative Leon to facilitate political dialogue and commend him for his work. We urge the opposing camps in Libya to end the fighting and to support the draft proposal for a political solution put forward by SRSG Leon.

Reports of militias and other armed forces having committed serious violations of international law is of grave concern. Politically motivated killings of security officers, judges, activists, journalists, and other civilians have not been investigated and go unpunished. One such case is the assassination of human rights defender and founder of the Libyan Platform for Peace, Salwa Bugaighis. Justice for Salwa – involving investigation, prosecution, and punishment of the perpetrators – would be one step towards justice for all.

With reference to UNSC resolutions 2174 and 1325, we underline the urgent need to end impunity, achieve accountability, and to ensure an inclusive political process in Libya. Women must be a part of the entire political process and conflict resolution, and voices in civil society must be heard and heeded.

We support the ongoing Fact-Finding efforts by the office of the Office of the High Commissioner, and urge for the whole truth to be revealed and recorded. To this end, the participation of Libyans, including women, in the assessment team is imperative.

The migration crisis and the use of Libya as a transit country only compounds the challenges faced by the government. We commend the government of Libya for participating in the Human Rights Council, and for continuing its work in the most difficult of circumstances.  

Thank you for your attention.