Item 10

Norway's statement during the ID with the IE on CAR

The positive outcomes of the Bangui Forum offer hope for an end to the conflict in the Central African Republic. However, Norway remains deeply concerned about the human rights situation in the country, with numerous reports of violations, abuses and acts of violence against the civilian population.

Norway commends Mme Marie-Thérèse Keita Bocoum for her efforts. The Independent Expert is doing important work under very challenging conditions.

Lawlessness, revenge and retaliation is at core of the prevailing violence and human rights violations the Central African Republic. In order to break the cycle of violence, it is essential that those responsible for gross human rights violations are brought to justice.  Do you see any progress in the efforts to reestablish the justice chain and the fight against impunity?

Though the international stabilisation efforts have improved security for the civilian population, Norway would like to stress the responsibility to protect the most vulnerable. Special effort must be made to protect children, persons with disabilities, and those at risk from sexual and gender-based violence.

We are deeply concerned about the allegations that members of foreign military forces not under the command of the United Nations may have abused children in the Central African Republic. All countries whose soldiers are alleged to have been involved in such abuses must ensure that justice is served. We furthermore welcome the establishment of an External Independent Panel to review how the UN system responded to these allegations.

It is important that the Transitional Government take the lead on the difficult task of ending the conflict and re-establish rule of law and a functioning state. We encourage the Transitional Government to continue its cooperation with the UN OHCHR, the Independent Expert, and other mechanisms of the Human Rights Council.