Norway's statement in the ID with the Special Rapporteur on DPRK


Norway joins in thanking you for your report subsequent to the important developments at the UNGA and the UNSC that have brought about higher attention to the grave situation of human rights in the DPRK,  and an urgent call from the member states for accountability and change. Norway fully supports this call.

Your report refers to your first contact last year with the Government and the DPRK’s   engagement with the international community and the office of the High Commissioner, with a view to carrying out a country visit. This should be followed through.

The suggested two-track strategy in the report can serve as a gateway for the Government to the UN human rights system that would benefit strengthening of institutions and the wellbeing of the people in the DPRK. The DPRK raised the latter at the second UPR hearing.

With regard to the UPR, Norway stands ready to discuss possible steps to facilitate the implementation of specific recommendations, starting with our own recommendations that were accepted.

The International Bill of Human Rights and additional instruments provide a platform of obligations for Member States of the UN, and the basis for human rights concerns universally. Through dialogue and cooperation, better legal protection and human rights practices have improved in many parts of the world. It also goes for Norway.

 As a party to human rights treaties, we also emphasize support to efforts in other countries to adhere to our common obligations. This is the essence of Norway’s approach when we voice our concerns in country situations. Our motive is the wellbeing and dignity of the people concerned.  Good governance and all human rights are also crucial for the ongoing international efforts of realizing the MDGs and for the way beyond 2015 to eradicate poverty and injustice.

In conclusion; our message to the Government of the DPRK is to ; 1) take firm measures to halt serious violations, 2) engage in a committed dialogue without delay with the UN human rights system including bringing closure to the sad chapter of abductions. 3) Allow country visits. We hope the participation of the Foreign Minister at the high-level segment can serve as a stepping-stone towards this.

We look forward to the comments of the special rapporteur after the interventions.