Norwegian Statement. Reports on Country situations


Norway supports the decision taken by the Human Rights Council on the one-time deferral of the OHCHR’s report on Sri Lanka. We appreciate the commitments and initial steps taken by the new Sri Lankan government to strengthen democracy, good governance, human rights and the rule of law. The extra time will create an opportunity for the Government of Sri Lanka to deliver on its commitments and to make credible domestic progress on accountability and reconciliation.

We welcome the High Commissioner’s leadership in engaging with Sri Lanka and encourage the Government to deliver on its commitment to engage with the Office of the High Commissioner and the UN mandate holders in order to set up a credible domestic mechanism in accordance with international standards before the September session. When the publication of the UN investigation on Sri Lanka is released we encourage the Government of Sri Lanka to duly consider and follow-up the recommendations contained therein.

We stand ready to assist the Government in promoting a peaceful, inclusive and democratic Sri Lanka.

Mr President,

Norway appreciates the close cooperation between the Government of Colombia and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights. We welcome the efforts of the Government to address human rights challenges. The increase in attacks and threats against human rights defenders, especially in rural areas, are however worrying. We strongly encourage Colombia to improve protection for defenders at risk. Norway commends the commitment to reach a negotiated settlement to the internal armed conflict.   

Guatemala is facing profound challenges in the area of human rights, justice and impunity. The OHCHR country office plays a key role in monitoring the human rights situation and in providing technical assistance to State institutions and civil society. These efforts are of great value in addressing the human rights challenges in Guatemala. We therefore underline the importance of ensuring continued and adequate capacity and national support to the OHCHR office in Guatemala.