Statement on the human rights situation in Burundi

Clustered Interactive Dialogue on the human rights situation in Burundi. Statement, 13 March 2018.

As delivered by Human Rights Adviser Live Kroknes Berg


Norway is very concerned that there has been no progress in resolving the political crisis in Burundi. We urge the Government of Burundi and all other political stakeholders to engage in a constructive dialogue to find a solution to the crisis that is conducive to free, fair and peaceful elections in 2020.

The continuation of the Inter-Burundian dialogue in an international format is of the utmost importance, especially considering the fact that close to half a million Burundians are still refugees and without a voice in the internal political dialogue in Burundi.

While respecting the sovereignty of Burundi, we are concerned that the process for constitutional amendments in Burundi is not undertaken in a participatory and democratic manner and thus may have a negative impact on the preparations for the 2020 elections and is not conducive to a successful outcome of the Inter-Burundian dialogue.

Reports of extrajudicial killings, forced disappearances, torture and sexual violence are alarming. Such acts should be promptly investigated and perpetrators brought to justice. We are concerned over reports of the arming of non-military and non-police structures, including the “Imbonerakure”. We are concerned that this may lead to further undermining of the rule of law and increased human rights violations.

Thank you.