Joint Statement UN70 Group

As delivered by Mexico

Mr President,

I have the honor to speak on behalf of the UN70 group consisting of Colombia, Ethiopia, Ghana, Jordan, Indonesia, Norway, New Zealand and Mexico.

This year’s celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a significant occasion. It gives us a valuable opportunity as Member States of the UN to reaffirm our resolve to respect and promote this fundamental declaration of human rights. These inalienable rights have at times tried to be undermined, yet their power for every human being, regardless of our differences, has endured.

Mr President,

The gap between commitments and implementation at country level is a significant cause of concern, especially as the implementation gap appears to be growing across all regions, and undermines the UDHR.

The members of the UN70 group all recommit to honoring our obligations and commitments under applicable international human rights obligations. We will redouble our efforts to this end and we look forward to participate in our respective UPRs, and to continue working with treaty bodies and mechanisms of the Council with a view to improving our respective human rights records, for the progress of our peoples.

The UN70 group also believes that this Council should play a significant role in assisting states to build robust and resilient institutions that can withstand forces within societies that seek to undermine the Declaration

As the world becomes more inter-connected through both technology and people on the move, we all have a shared interest and responsibility in sustaining and strengthening the norms and values that the UDHR established.

All the UN70 group states will do its utmost to respect and promote these norms through stronger national action. We will celebrate the 70th anniversary at the national level and raise awareness among our citizens. We cannot let these fundamental rights be diminished – the need to be protected for the sake of our common desire to preserve human dignity.


Thank you.