Statement on Finance and oversight

Norway's statement on UNHCR’s finance and oversight during agenda item 2, b) of the 73nd meeting of the UNHCR Standing Committee.

As delivered by senior adviser Heidi Malene Nipe

Thank you, Chair,

We join in thanking for the useful presentations and for these important reports.

We appreciate the efforts to increase cost-efficiency and value for money. Norway, like other donors today, encourages UNCHR to continue exploring how to work more cost-efficient and with a value for money approach in order to ensure optimal use of resources and funding. We would like to see further information on progress made on this matter in the next budget.

With reference to the report of the Board of Auditors, we note the recommendations to further progress in terms of sound financial management, including controls responding to the risk of fraud and corruption.

Implementing partners are a material part of UNHCRs operations and channel about 40 % of the total budget, which requires a corresponding level of monitoring and control. There is a significant risk of fraud and corruption associated with this area. We appreciate measures and initiatives already in place, including collaboration with other organisations, to strengthen the managing, monitoring and control. We encourage UNHCR to continue these efforts and welcome information on progress made.

We acknowledge UNHCRs persistent challenges with earmarked funding and less than ideal predictability of funding. Norway commends the achievements made by UNHCR and welcomes further initiatives to lower the financial risk. Norway would encourage the development of contingency plans for unforeseen funding emergencies, as initiated by the Independent audit and oversight committee.

Thank you.