Statement by Norway on Human Resources

DOP 2 Management, financial control, administrative oversight and human resources (c) Human resources (i) Human resources, including staff welfare

We would like to thank UNHCR for the update on human resources, including staff welfare.

We recognize that the unprecedented number of persons of concern to UNHCR and the many crises we are facing today represent particular challenges to human resources management and UNHCR’s staff.

We are acutely aware of the fact that so many of UNHCR’s staff work and live in the most difficult and dangerous locations of the world, and we thank you for your professionalism and courage.

The latest attacks on humanitarian aid workers in Syria are a terrible reminder of the conditions under which humanitarian workers operate today. We must do our utmost to ensure the safety of humanitarian workers in the field while at the same time trying to reach those in need of protection and assistance.

Norway welcomes the initial implementation of UNHCR’s “people strategy” and will follow this with interest over the next years.

We share the view that diversity is a key contributor to organizational performance, and we strongly encourage UNHCR to follow up on the recommendations of the report on inclusion, diversity and gender equity in UNHCR’s workforce. We welcome a strong engagement from the Deputy High Commissioner on this topic.

We attach great importance to staff welfare, including for their families. We have taken note of this year’s survey on staff well-being and mental health that indicated the need for increased efforts to ensure an appropriate level of care and support for UNHCR’s workforce. We expect UNHCR to have a high standard for health and welfare support for its staff and their families, and we encourage improvements in this regard.

Thank you.