Panel #4: Summary

Statement held in Geneva, 19-20 June 2017.

Thank you very much for excellent summaries from all the moderators, and particular thanks to Mr. Koser for your very pertinent observations. Could you also say something more about where in your SWOT analysis you would put the issue of return?

Norway shares the view that the Compact has much to gain from already existing and working regional mechanisms, and we are pleased to note that they have become more prominent in our discussions.

We noted with interest that the proposal put forward by Mr. Maniatis to have groups of interested states take the lead on particular topics in order to induce necessary progress of a long-term process. 

Strengthened cooperation on return must be an integral part of the global compact and countries of origin must be more involved in this.

We also share the view of many delegations regarding the important role of the IOM in the follow-up of the GMC.

Finally, a comment on the issue brief, which we found very informative and balanced. Unfortunately, the same balance was not adequately reflected in the proposed commitments and suggested ways forward, and we hope you will consider this when preparing the next issue brief. As noted by many delegations, co-operation on return, readmission and reintegration must be an integral part of an effective and credible migration governance, and must be fully reflected in the global compact.

Thank you.