Item 8.1: Antimicrobial Resistance

  • Norway supports the Global Action Plan and the objectives presented. However, we still believe it is room for further improvement on substantial issues and would like to highlight 3 points:
  1. We believe the One Health concept should be strengthened in the document by defining it and describing its various components.
  2. The environment as a possible source to the problem of AMR should also be acknowledged and described.
  • Pollution of the environment of antimicrobials, both from human, animal and agricultural use is of great concern.
  • Additionally, direct pollution from antibiotic waste from pharmaceutical production to the soil and waters may pose an even greater risk and will increase the development and spreading of AMR.
  1. Prevention of infection and spread of antibiotic resistant bacteria is important and should be among the first steps implemented. This includes sanitation and hygiene measures at community level, to the environment, and in health care facilities. Preventive measures include optimal use of vaccines for humans and animals, as for example documented for Norwegian fish farming where antibiotics are hardly used anymore due to vaccinations.
  • Norway strongly believes that immediate action is needed to stop the threat of antimicrobial resistance. We believe that overall the contents of the Global Action Plan, if implemented, will have a significant impact. 
    However, given a history of unsuccessful resolutions implementation is crucial . We would encourage WHO to tie each action point with an implementation plan, including dates, measurable goals, reporting mechanisms and a budget.

Thank you!