Item 5.4: Framework for engagement with Non-State Actors


Norway would like to thank the Secretariat for the report, which in a good way summarizes the discussions so far. 

We support the proposal for objectives, overarching principles and boundaries, and would like to see the Board endorsing these as a foundation for the work ahead. Further, we welcome the proposals on strengthening management of engagement for increasing transparency, conducting due diligence and risk management.

We also support the four proposals for immediate application outlined in para 28 of the document, inter alia abolishing the requirement of advance clearance of statements by nongovernmental organisations and providing a webpage for publishing nongovernmental organization statements in advance of debates.

Finally, we welcome the proposal for holding an informal consultation this spring, and would like to suggest that we for this consultation is presented with options on what elements need to be part of the policies and operational procedures for different types of non-state actors. 

Thank you.