STATEMENT by the Norwegian delegation during the 72nd World Health Assembly on agenda item 11.8: "Follow-up to the health-related high-level meetings of the General Assembly: NCDs".

Check against delivery:


The NCD response is closely linked to universal health coverage. This includes establishing a primary health care sector that can offer diagnosis and treatment close to the patient.

Secondly; we must speed up implementation of WHO recommended cost-effective interventions as reflected in Annex 3 of the Global Action plan.

Norway is presently drafting a strategy on how to integrate NCDs into our official development aid. In the strategy to be finalized this year, we aim to identify how to better assist low-income countries in implementing WHO recommended NCD interventions.

The Bloomberg task force has in its recently published report added to existing evidence regarding taxation of tobacco, alcohol and sugary drinks as a cost effective measure to reduce consumption. Taxation continues to be a to be a cornerstone in our policies.

We note that updated evidence on the cost-effectiveness of taxation of sugary drinks is included in the report. It is a key element of WHOs normative function to keep Member States updated on developments in science. WHO must continue to do so in the future.

Norway supports the resolution, including the work on air pollution and mental health. And underline that any future update of Annex 3 of the Global Action Plan must be done on the basis of WHO's normative mandate. Which means that Member States shall not negotiate its content.