Human Resources for Health

STATEMENT by Ms. Helene Rød on agenda point 12.3, "Human Resources for Health", on May 27th 2019, during the 72nd World Health Assembly.

Check against delivery:

Norway would like to emphasize the importance of human resources for health in achieving progress on primary health care, universal health coverage and the SDGs. Health workers are the backbone of any health system.

We are pleased to see progress in the implementation of the WHO Global Strategy on Human Resources for Health.

In particular we are pleased to see the recommendations of the UN High Level Commission on Health Employment and Economic Growth impact policy and investment decisions of countries at all levels of socioeconomic development. This is crucial in addressing the global health worker gap.

Norway supports the Working for Health Multi-Partner Trust Fund, which enables cross-sectoral joint work by ILO, OECD and WHO. We encourage other donors to support this.

Data from the national level is essential for tracking progress. Norway encourages all countries to report data to increase data availability and enable evidence-informed policy decisions.

It is important that countries continue implementing of the Global Code of Practice. We are pleased to note the increase in number of designated national authorities and reporting countries. We look forward to taking part in the second review of the relevance and effectiveness of the code.

Thank you.