Item 16.1 Progress in the implementation

Statement by Norway at #WHA70

Thank you chair. We align with the statement held by Sweden, and would like to offer some additional points.


We thank WHO for the comprehensive and important report. We believe it is critical to have a forum for collective assessment of progress against the SDGs.


In order to facilitate a meaningful review of progress, and engage member states around a common understanding of emerging challenges, we believe WHO should consider a new reporting format.


- WHO should consider the periodicity of data and make it clear when meaningful progress can be assessed against different indicators


- WHO should present data in a more standard and comparable mode including:- baseline, target, progress achieved and commentary on variance.


- WHO should consider specific topics of critical current relevance (for example currently Sexual and Reproductive health services or progress on malnutrition (given widespread famine in Africa) for focused analysis


- WHO should point to areas or distinctive lack of progress (like risk reduction: Tobacco, Alcohol, traffic accidents, air pollution, and the obesogenic environment).


We appreciate the complexity of reporting at this aggregated level and to track progress annually in a meaningful way, and offer these reflections as positive critical input to enhance our collective responsibility in this field.


Thank you!