12.5 Review of the PIP

Statement by Norway at #WHA70

The PIP framework is an important part of the collective defense against outbreaks of pandemics established by WHO and its Member States. While PIP provides WHO with pandemic influenza virus samples for risk assessment and subsequent vaccine development, it also ensures accessibility to vaccines and other benefits based on public health needs. We must protect this groundbreaking instrument for global health preparedness. And be prepared to take the necessary steps to ensure that the PIP Framework remains relevant as a strong tool for pandemic preparedness also for the future.

We thank the PIP Review Group for the work done and welcome their observations and recommendations. We also share the view not to expand the scope of the PIP Framework to other pathogens.

We especially note the review group’s view on use of Genetic Sequece datas and on seasonal influenza viruses in relation to the Framework. We agree that there is a need to resolve these issues in order to preserve the overall relevance of the Framework, while at the same time recognizing that this will require a better understanding of the consequences. Both expert advice and Member States’ active engagement is required. For this reason, Norway supports the draft resolution.

Let me end by expressing support to the Secretariat for the collaboration undertaken with the Secretariat of the Nagoya Protocol on issues of common interest. Both the PIP Framework and more generally; access to pathogens for public health purposes, raise important questions in relation to the Nagoya protocol. In order to secure a good basis for strengthening public health outcomes in this area, it is important that there is close and regular dialogue and collaboration between the two secretariats.