Item 16.1: Health workforce and services

Last updated: 10.06.2016 // Norwegian statement on the HRH-strategy         


Norway welcomes the comprehensive global strategy on Human Resources for Health, and would like to thank WHO and the Global Health Workforce Alliance for a transparent and inclusive process to develop it.

Norway recognizes the challenges addressed in the strategy, and fully supports the objectives and the policy options.

SDG target 3 c: Substantially increasing health financing and the recruitment, development, training and retention of the health workforce in developing countries should be seen as both a goal in itself, and as a critical enabler for the other targets under SDG 3, and for the broader development agenda.

Strategic efforts from WHO and its member states are crucial to ensure a coherent approach to the health workforce as part of realizing the goal of universal health coverage and the health related targets of the sustainable development goals. The foundation of universal health coverage is a solid primary health care service, that is accessible to all, delivered by general practitioners and a range of primary care providers. This is needed if we are to be able to move in the direction of health promotion and prevention.

We are pleased to see that the strategy incorporates the commitments made by member states in GA resolution 69/132 on the protection of health personnel, and that WHO will support the attainment of these through the framework of this strategy.

Partnerships, global initiatives, and a multisectoral approach, including education and finance, will be critical in implementing national health workforce policies.

Finally, we are very encouraged that reporting on the WHO Global Code of Practice is picking up, also among source countries.

Norway supports the draft Resolution.

Thank you.