Item 14.4: Global action plan on antimicrobial resistance

Last updated: 10.06.2016 //                             


Norway supports and aligns itself with the intervention from the Netherlands on behalf of the European Union.

Norway supports WHO’s efforts to follow-up on the Global Action Plan and to develop a framework for appropriate antibiotic use with the aim balance the three goals of access, conservation and innovation.

We applaud the emphasis on a One Health approach and look forward to learning more about the ongoing collaboration between WHO, FAO and OIE.

We recognize that appropriate use must be carefully balanced with access. Too stringent of controls may result in avoidable deaths; too easy access may hasten the development of resistance.

We believe it will be important for the High Level Meeting on AMR at the UN in New York to conclude with clear goals and objectives in turning the tide of AMR.

In our view, the High level meeting in September is an opportunity to provide a strong political mandate for follow-up, a starting point for further collaborations among UN agencies towards stronger action including through development of a stewardship framework.