Item 20.1: Unified programmatic and financial report as at 31 December 2015

Last updated: 10.06.2016 // Nordic-Baltic statement         

We commend WHO for, for the first time, presenting a unified programmatic and financial report. This is an important step towards a more coherent assessment of targets, financing and achieved results, and their alignment with the agreed programme budget. We urge the Secretariat to continue to develop this unified report in order to strengthen these links.

In this very comprehensive report (181 pages) we would like to highlight a few things:

We note with concern that only 29% of the available funds in 2014-15 were flexible funds. This is especially worrying since the base segment of the budget relies heavily on flexible financing (ref s 20)

We are also concerned that while voluntary contributions overall increased  by 11% (mainly related to the outbreak & crisis segment), the flexible voluntary contributions decreased by 7%. We are also worried that much of the VC were highly earmarked and came with differing reporting requirements. This may risk the achievement of the agreed programme budget and create an undue reporting burden for the Secretariat.

In this regard we would like to ask the Secretariat if this trend seem to remain for the current biennium, and how this affects their ability to deliver on the agreed programme budget?

Finally, as stated in the report, the Financing Dialogue has contributed to substantial results. Noting the  plans to organize special funding sessions for the Health Emergencies Programme we urge the Secretariat to build on the results achieved through the Financing Dialogue so far and not to undermine the general strategic approach of the Dialogue to ensure the full financing of  the agreed programme budget in its entirety.

Thank you.