Item 11.1: Overview of reform implementation

Thank you chair,

  • We thank the Secretariat for the report, and reiterate our view that reform is necessary to make WHO fit for purpose in the 21st century.
  • We note the report’s findings, including the observation that 80% of the outputs in the reform results framework are now in the implementation stage, and urge the Secretariat to continue to advance this agenda
  • I would like my remarks on the report’s observation about strengthening of corporate management and the role of the Global Policy Group. We consider corporate management an important area of reform, and greater coherence within the organization an important objective. We recognize that regular consultations between the Director-General and the Regional Director may contribute positively to this.
  • We emphasise, however, the unique responsibilities of the Director-General, and the authority solely held by the Governing Bodies. We would therefore like to express our concern with the use of the phrase “collective decision-making” in this report, and emphasise that Norway deals with this organization on the understanding that accountability and responsibility, according to the Constitution, reside solely with the Director-General.

Thank you.