Item 4.3 Budget 2018-2019

Norway on behalf of Austria, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Switzerland, Sweden and Norway.

I am speaking on behalf of Austria, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Switzerland, Sweden and Norway.

We would first like to thank all 12 partners of the Joint Programme for their constructive efforts to adapt to the present realities, and at the same time recommitting to deliver jointly on the UNAIDS strategy.

Our main concern has been to ensure a good dialogue and a collective decision making process towards a new model that is workable for all 12 entities. 

All partners involved in the Joint Programme have come together and united behind this new budget, and we are therefore ready to approve the proposed budget.

The Budget has several strengths, and we wish to highlight three of them. 

Firstly, the clear references to and alignments with the QCPR are very positive.

Secondly, the budget supports a move towards a more optimal configuration of joint UN work at country level under the UN Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) and the Resident Coordinator System.

Thirdly, the budget is clear that we need to prioritize HIV prevention.

But we also wish to share fourth observations for the way forward.

Firstly, for the new model to work ensuring cash flow will be crucial.  We as donors will try to disburse our contributions as early as possible.

Secondly, we need to assess transaction costs for the new country envelopes, and ensure a transparent and inclusive process so all relevant cosponsors can access these funds. 

Thirdly, we expect scenarios to be developed and presented to the PCB 41, because we need to continously assess whether we have the optimal model to make the most of any given budget-level.

Finally, we stress the importance of value for money, including ensuring a prudent travel policy – meaning no first class travel, as well as  careful consideration of cost vs. benefit when it comes to organising future events and meetings.

In closing, let me reiterate that we are ready to approve this budget.