Iem 1.3: Report of the Executive Director

Norway on behalf of Denmark, Finland and Norway

The constituency of Norway, Denmark and Finland thanks the Executive Director for the report. As always, we are pleased with the quality of the comprehensive report.

For us it is key that the UNAIDS strategy is fully implemented.

We are ready to approve the action plan that will lead us to a refined business model of UNAIDS.

Another important issue is the budget. In our view, it is the new business model translated into the language of the UBRAF. Also here we are ready to approve the proposal since it is based on consensus in the CCO.

We will come back to comments under the respective agenda items later, but would like at this point express our appreciation of the transparent and participatory process in the preparation of this meeting.

We would like to thank the Review Panel and the outcome of the CCO’s work. We would particularly like to thank Ambassador Lennarth Hjelmåker for his work as co-chair and acknowledge his important role in the global HIV/AIDS response over decades. We will miss him dearly, especially the candy he brings to our meetings. .

Finally, we want to thank Jan Beagle for her immense contribution to the Joint Programme. We’ve enjoyed working with you, personally and professionally, and we are aware of your role in ensuring the good relationship with UNAIDS staff. We regret loosing you to New York, but we trust that you will be able to use your experience from the Joint Programme to speed up the UN reform towards a more efficient UN.