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We would like to inform all about the following.

The Nordic countries have a global visa agreement, where one country takes on the responsibilities for processing visas for all countries. This has been the case in Dublin since 2008. Up until the pandemic, it was the Danish Embassy that issued visas for the Scandinavian countries. Due to travel restrictions, this agreement has been put on hold for the time being, and we do not have any information on when it will be re-instated.

In the last few weeks, the Embassy has received a number of information requests for how to obtain a tourist visa to Norway, most likely due to easing up on travel restrictions. Because of the situation described above, it is only possible to obtain a tourist visa to Norway by applying through our visa centres in the UK. It is our understanding that each applicant has to present their application in person, but to verify this, please contact our consular section at our Embassy in London, More information about this can be found here,