Frequently asked questions about payment online

I do not have a valid card, what do I do?

There are two options:

a) Contact your bank to obtain a credit/debit card
b) Someone else can pay for you (e.g. the inviting part in Norway or a family member).

I should be exempted from the application fee, what do I do?

You still have to pay in order to get the application through the system. The Embassy decides upon reception of documents if the fee is to be waived. In that case, the fee paid is reimbursed electronically to the same card/account that was used to make the payment. Reimbursement may take up to several weeks.

The payment was refused in the system, but the bank says the transfer has been made.

The Embassy can check whether money is received in our system. If it is, the application is accepted for consideration. If not, the application cannot be considered at the Embassy, and the problem must be solved by you and your bank.

Is paying online safe?

Yes, in general it is safe as or safer than carrying cash and paying bills in the bank. The site is run by the Norwegian government and can be trusted.

I am asked for CVC-code. What is it?

The CVC code is the 3 last digits of the number you find on the back of your card. (Note: It is not the card number).

Is it possible to submit documents at the VFS center even if the payment did not go through?

No. If you have problems with your card, contact your bank. Note that e.g. your sponsor in Norway can pay for your online application with a Norwegian credit card. If you are still unable to solve the problem, then contact the Embassy.