Bilateral agreements

Norway's current bilateral agreements in Ghana

Since before the establishment of the Norwegian Embassy in Accra in 2011, Norway has been a consistent development partner of the government of Ghana. Ghana has been categorized by the Norwegian Government as one of the main Partner Countries in Africa with a long-term strategic cooperation.

As a means of increasing transparency and accountability, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs wishes to make all its agreements available to the public. Please find an updated overview of current bilateral agreements with Ghana on the Grant Portal. The portal provides an overview of all grants from the Ministry and Norad for which agreements have been entered into, and for which disbursements are planned for this year and for up to the next four years. The overview shows the countries in which the grants are to be used, the grant recipients the Ministry and Norad have entered into agreements with, and the sectors that are to receive funding.

For a historical overview of Norwegian development assistance to any country in the world since 1960, please have a look at the Norwegian Aid Statistics.