Norfund and West Africa

Norfund is the Norwegian government’s fund for profitable investments in developing countries. Norfund is represented on several continents, including in eastern and southern Africa. The West Africa office is located at One Airport Square.

The Board and management of Norfund visited Accra and Abidjan in late January 2017. Norfund invests in clean energy and other sectors in Ghana and Ivory Coast. The fund is looking for new opportunities and so far has stated a particular interest in Ghana’s agriculture, fisheries and seafood sector.

Norfund is an active, strategic minority investor. The fund offers risk capital and expertise to help building sustainable businesses in developing countries.

Norfund aim to invest in countries where they can have the greatest impact, particularly where the private sector needs better access to capital. Norfund invests in Sub-Saharan Africa, South East Asia and Central America.

Norfund's general priority sectors are:

  • Clean energy
  • Financial institutions
  • Food and agribusiness

Norfund also invests in some specialised SME funds to support small and medium sized companies in developing countries.

Geographical investment areas: Norfund's priority region is Africa, with main focus on Sub-Saharan Africa including Ghana, plus selected countries in Central America and South East Asia. See the investment table at Norfund’s webpage.

Financial instruments: Equity is a scarce type of capital in several developing countries and Norfund gives priority to equity investments. Norfund takes a minority ownership in its investments. Norfund also offers loan to selected companies.

The investment horizon is normally from five to ten years.

Norfund’s global investment portfolio currently stands at around 2 billion USD, through 124 direct investments and 750 companies altogether. Value adjusted equity stands at about 2.3 billion USD. 300-400 million USD in fresh money is committed every year. Africa is prioritised and investments on the continent stood at well above 1 billion USD at year-end 2016.

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