Here you will find practical information and documentation requirements for renewal of passports for both adults and children.

For norsk, se her.

Everyone who applies for a passport must have a Norwegian national identity number. For children born in Ethiopia who do not yet have a national identity number, you must apply for a national identity number in order to apply for a passport for the child. For more information, see “National identity number to get a passport” here

We advise you to book an appointment well in advance of your passport expiring.

The Embassy has prepared a checklist with documentation requirements for passport renewal:


Make sure that you have all the required documents before your appointment. The application will not be accepted without the required documentation.

It is important that you bring the old passport to your appointment, both when you apply and when you come to pick up your new passport. Previous passports must be handed in when a new passport is handed over. If the old passport contains a valid visa, we will shred the other pages and you will keep the passport.

If the old passport is expired, there may be requirements for extended ID checks (presentation of other ID-documents or DNA test). This follows from the Police Directorate Circular Letter 2020/008.

Please note that it is now more expensive to apply for a passport abroad than in Norway. For more information on passport fees, see here.

The Embassy uses a booking system for appointments for passport renewal. You must create an account and book an appointment: 

Book here


Passport for children (0-18 years)

Parents and children are required to meet physically at the appointment. The original passports of parents as well as children must be presented at the appointment. If parental responsibility of the child is shared, both parents must give consent. If one parent is unable to attend the application appointment at the embassy, that parent must give consent prior to the appointment.

Consent can be given at all passport offices (police in Norway and Norwegian foreign service missions with passport authorities), see more about this hereThe Norwegian Embassy in Addis Ababa is open for drop-in on Monday and Thursdays between 2 and 3 pm in order to give consent. 

Biometric data (photograph/fingerprint/signature) are recorded, also for children from 12 years old. For children between 10 and 12 years of age, photograph and signature will be recorded. For children under 10 years of age, only a photograph will be taken.

Please note that the validity period of passports for children under the age of 16 is shorter than for adults. Passports for persons under the age of 16 have the following validity period:

  1. 0 - 5 years old: 2 years validity
  2. 5 - 10 years old: 3 years validity
  3. 10 - 16 years old: 5 years validity


Passport collection

You will be notified by the embassy when your passport is ready to be picked up. When you have been notified by the embassy you may collect the passport on Mondays and Thursdays between 2 and 3 pm. 

Remember to bring old passports for shredding when handing over new passports.

It is no longer possible to send passports by post. Passports must be collected in person and signed for at the Embassy in Addis Ababa.