Norway Japan Economic Cooperation
Norway-Japan Economic Relations

Norway-Japan Economic Relations

Norway–Japan: creating value together for a sustainable future

With diplomatic ties stretching back more than a century, the relationship between Norway and Japan is diverse and healthy. Continued dialogue between the two nations has led to new opportunities for cooperation and leadership on the world stage through initiatives like the High Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy.

Trade and investment have been at the centre of the relationship. Leveraging the respective strengths and experiences of each side to ensure maximum value creation and mutual success is at the heart of relationships. In partnership, Norway and Japan are increasingly addressing global issues related to sustainability, reducing carbon emissions and ageing populations.

This report highlights some of the successful examples of economic and research cooperation between the two nations and outlines potential areas for greater collaboration. It focuses on sectors where Norway and Japan have complementary strengths, so it not only covers long-standing business ties in the seafood and maritime sectors, but also includes recent developments in renewable energy and digital technologies.

The broad range of partnerships showcased in this report clearly demonstrates that by working together, Norway and Japan can be leaders in technology and innovation and contribute to a more sustainable future. Furthermore, greater intergovernmental collaboration between Norway and Japan could unlock many more opportunities to the benefit of both nations and contribute towards achieving the sustainable development goals.