Norwegian Humanitarian Funding to Sudan in 2022

In line with the Norwegian humanitarian strategy and the government’s political priorities and based on the humanitarian challenges and needs in Sudan, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has decided to continue supporting WFP / UNHAS, ICRC, the United Nations Humanitarian Fund SHF and UNHCR in 2022. The Ministry also earmarks funding to Sudan in framework agreements with the Norwegian Church Aid, Norwegian Refugee Council and Save the Children, Norway.

These organization play a key role in delivering principled, rapid and effective response in areas like protection of civilians, refugee accommodation, food security, health, water, sanitation and hygiene.

The allocation gives priority to actors with experience and access on the ground in Sudan, and who can quickly meet urgent needs.

The total amount of funding earmarked for these seven organizations in 2022 is 92,4 million NOK, almost 10 million USD. This represents an increase of 12 % compared to 2021.