ID 108234 - Photo:Sigrun Stigen Holter
Visit to Khartoum Teaching Hospital 10 Jan 2022 Sigrun Stigen Holter

Attacks on hospitals and medical staff alarming

“Recent attacks by security forces on hospitals are alarming and must stop”, said Norway’s Ambassador to Sudan Therese Løken Gheziel during a visit to Khartoum Teaching Hospital today.

| Khartoum, Sudan

Meeting medical staff, Ambassador Gheziel heard accounts of how security forces fired teargas inside the hospital, attempted to arrest patients, harassed and robbed staff. “These medical staff are heroes, returning to work to treat the injured despite the risk of being attacked”, said the Ambassador. “We condemn the excessive use of force against the people of Sudan. We are alarmed and dismayed by the attacks on peaceful protesters, hospitals and medical staff across the country since the military takeover 25 October 2021. These actions are unacceptable.”

During the visit, Ambassador Gheziel underlined the authorities’ responsibility to protect human rights such as the right to life, health care, freedom of expression and assembly.

Protection of healthcare is important to Norway. “People in need of health care and survivors of recent violence must have access to necessary medical and psychosocial support”, Ambassador Gheziel told the hospital staff today.

“We expect the protection of hospitals and health care facilities being upheld in Khartoum and all over the country. Medical staff including paramedics and laboratory personnel must be defended and protected. All violence against peaceful protesters and medical staff must stop. We urge the military and security forces to rebuild confidence. People, including the families and friends of those killed and injured, need to see justice for such unacceptable actions. Those responsible must be held accountable”, Ambassador Gheziel said.

Norway stands ready to support the UN facilitated inclusive Sudanese-led political process.

“This process must be inclusive and the violence must stop. As friends of Sudan it is painful to see violence against the population and gains of the popular uprising in 2019 lost. Only with legitimate institutions, the international community can fully reengage and support the economic recovery,” the Ambassador said.