Ship sailing into the sunset - Photo:© Asia Europe Meeting (ASEM) Conference 2018
© Asia Europe Meeting (ASEM) Conference 2018

ASEM Conference - Green Shipping. Blue business.

Our oceans remain vital for global growth and prosperity. More than ever, the oceans are under pressure as a result of pollution and climate change. Shipping is one of the most energy efficient forms of transport, but also a significant contributor to global emissions. To achieve the goals of the UN 2030 Agenda, we need to make our blue businesses greener!

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For this reason the Government of Norway, in cooperation with the Governments of Singapore, Germany, and the Philippines, have the honour to invite all ASEM-partners to “Green shipping. Blue business. Moving Forward Together” - a conference held in conjunction with Singapore Maritime Week 2018. The conference will take place from 26 to 27 April 2018, at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre in Singapore.

The conference aims to serve as a platform for promoting a green shift in all segments of the maritime sector. Leading experts in the field will discuss and exchange experience and solutions. Focus will be on ways of enhancing compliance with existing international agreements and legislation through public-private cooperation, technological and commercial solutions, and government policy facilitating environmentally friendly and efficient shipping. This is particularly relevant now, given higher environmental standards and increased requirements facing the shipping industry. The main observations and recommendations from the conference will be shared with all ASEM partners through the Chair’s Summary.

The conference targets representatives of Ministries in ASEM countries responsible for shipping, other transport sectors and maritime industries; their subordinate agencies; and other relevant authorities. In addition we welcome parliamentarians, representatives from the private maritime sector, research institutions and relevant international, regional and civil society organisations.

The organisers are pleased to invite all ASEM partners to be represented at the conference. The working language will be English. Participants will be requested to cover their own travel and accommodation costs. 

For more information, visit the ASEM Conference's website.