Statement in Response to the Foreign Minister of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

Delivered by Minister Counsellor Henning Hj. Johansen to the Permanent Council, Vienna, 12 October 2017

| Vienna

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I join others in thanking Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov for his presentation.

Norway is aligned with the statement of the European Union, but would like to add a few remarks.

We welcome the recent political progress in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. It is a step in the right direction.

We share Foreign Minister Dimitrov’s view on the importance for your country to prioritize the work on urgently needed reforms. Your presentation and the Plan 3-6-9 plan, clearly shows the many challenges you are facing in implementing the reform priorities.

We support your government in moving forward with these necessary reforms and with Euro-Atlantic integration. For these to succeed, it is imperative that all the major political parties are involved in the political process and work together. Without this required cooperation, there is a risk, best avoided, of further polarization.

Norway will continue to be a partner of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia in support of your reform process. We will be there with you as you work your way into the European communities.

Thank you.