March 22, Joint FSC-PC Military aspects of Cyber security

22 March 2017

”Mr Chair

 We welcome today's joint FSC-PC meeting on military aspects of cyber security. We thank speakers and participating States for sharing threat perceptions, as well as what their organisations and countries are doing to meet these threats.

The OSCE is doing important work in the area of cyber security, most importantly through the constructive work on CBMs.

As chair of the OSCE Security Committee, Norway seeks to support this work in the best possible way in 2017.

Several colleagues have already mentioned issues related to the cyber workforce. This topic will be discussed further in the Security Committee meeting on April 24, which will be devoted to innovative approaches to nurturing cyber expertise in the public sector as part of enhancing national cyber resilience.

Let me also inform you that in the September meeting of the Security Committee, we plan to have an extended update on the progress in the work of the Informal Working Group on cyber security when it comes to further operationalising the implementation of key CBMs.

Thank you, Mr Chair”